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I'm Not Expecting Starbucks To Market This Flavor In The Forseeable Future

Hubs is out of town. So yesterday evening, I parked myself in his usual spot on the sofa, propped up my feet, and was enjoying having control of the TV remote. I had just made a cup of coffee and it was sitting on the end table, by the sofa. After setting the TV to a channel I would enjoy, I turned to pick up my coffee. Tallen was standing by the end table, smiling at me. This alone, made me a tad paranoid. I noticed the contents of my cup sloshing back and forth a little, like maybe the cup had just been sat down.

"Tallen?", I asked. " Did you pour something into my coffee?"

"No.", He replied calmly, still smiling. "Your coffee tastes fine, I didn't pour anything in there."

Thinking that perhaps he had merely bumped into the table, causing the ripples I had seen, I picked up my cup and proceeded to take a few sips. That's when Tallen whips his hands from behind his back. One contains a towel, the other contains his little wind-up Thomas the Tank Engine. The same Thomas the Tank Engine that I have found in the floor many times, that I am positive I have seen in the dogs mouth, that Tallen loves "driving" through the dirt, that, as I recall, I even had to rescue from the toilet once. That one!

I was still trying to decode the reasons for the items in his hands, when he proudly announced,
"I didn't pour anything into your coffee, Mama. But I did wash my train and now he is all sparkly clean! I just need to finish drying him off."

"Washed? Tallen, did you put that toy into my coffee?"

"Yes, Mama. He needed a hot bath."


  1. Oh how very very funny! Kids do the strangest things...

    Just stopping by from SITS to wish you HAPPY Saturday Sharefest!

  2. You better put that TV Remote back in the same place you found it! He'll know!

  3. Stopping in from SITS! That is too funny! My son once washed all of the remotes in our house in fruit juice because apparently they decided they liked the red ocean. I can't even tell you how much fun it was top pop them all open and finely clean them with rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips.


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