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Update Schmupdate...

I am sure that y'all are sick to death of these all-inclusive update posts of mine. I promise I will do better when I can. Until then...

An Award!

I received the Happy 101 Award from The Drama Mama. Thanks!

A New Stove! (sort of...)

  My sister (the normal one) recently made a move to a new home. This place already had a stove, so she offered to give me hers. I was so happy! Although this baby is a few years old, I assure you that it is barely used. She purchased it from our oldest sister, who never used it at all. Then, as she mostly is home alone and rarely cooks, she barely used it either. I was thrilled to replace our tattered old gas stove, with it's chipped paint, burnt bottom/raw top oven, and missing door handle, with this beautiful, digital, self cleaning oven, with a smooth, glass, cook top. Alas, it has to have a 220 connection to plug into. So, I have to wait a bit longer before bringing it inside. : (

Bye Bye Valentino and Company...

  My beautiful, sweet, chubby, Valentino, the pup with a heart on his side, along with his equally cute brother, has vanished. POOF! They were happily residing out in the garage one day and the next they were nowhere to be found. I have to suspect that someone must have came to the door and spotted them and toted them off, as I can find no sign of blood or anything. We have searched the property on foot many times and cannot locate them. I am absolutely heartbroken. We all are.

Sunshine Therapy

  With all the beautiful days lately, I have found any excuse that I could to get outside and soak up the sun. Yesterday, the kids and I were out for several hours, riding bikes and scooters, playing in the dirt, and blowing bubbles. I wish I could bottle those days and hold on to them forever.

Green Thumb

Practically every inch of free space in this house is now filled with seedlings. I just have an overwhelming urge to plant every seed that I can get my hands on. I reckon that, by the time I get all this stuff outside, it will look like a jungle around here. I don't care. It'll be my jungle, brought forth with my own two hands. Plus, I plan to have tons of fruits and veggies growing in our garden plots. I figure what we can't eat, we can freeze, share, or maybe even sell. The fact is, I just love growing things. I'm trying my hand at a few weird plants that aren't very common in these parts. Hubs just shakes his head. LOL

Bye Bye Satellite. Hello Netflix!

I had the satellite service shut off. It was hilarious how everyone in the house was in a total panic. Who knew how dependant everyone was on the idiot box. However, all of them, even Hubs, now agrees that it was a good decision. Our TV picks up local stations without an antenna, so we can still view our local news. I already had a Netflix account so, for less than $10.00 a month, we can watch loads of movies on demand and there is something for everyone. The Netflix service streams through the Wii. The Wii also allows us to surf the net right from the television. The result is that we still watch TV but it is a planned thing. This has put an end to the thing blaring constantly in the background, day after day. Not to mention that it is saving us an absolute fortune.

I Had to Laugh...

  A certain company, who shall remain nameless, as I have no intent of giving them even a piss ant's sneeze worth of advertising, was very rude to me a few months ago. I had contacted them offering to review one of their rag dolls. Ross loves dolls. I knew that she would be the perfect tester for their product. I received a very snippy reply, stating that my blog did not fit their criteria for a review( not large enough). But, if I wanted to purchase a doll and write a review then please send them the link. So, if I spend my money on a doll, then my blog is suddenly popular enough to add merit to my review? So much so that they would want the link, in order to share it with others? NOT!

  Imagine my surprise when, just the other day, I receive another reply to my November email, as if the first reply had never occurred, it read...

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your interest in our products. We receive many, many, many requests from bloggers to review our dolls.  In order to accommodate as many as we can, we are offering a 25% discount to those who purchase our products for their blog-site evaluations.  We believe this will eliminate the people who are just looking for freebies and will help those who are serious about writing reviews that their followers want to read about.

  Well, if I am going to pay $50.00 for a doll, I expect it to eat, cry, pee, and poop. Actually, for that kind of money, it had better beat me to the kitchen in the mornings and start the coffee brewing! I simply replied...

                             Sadly, according to the reply I received from ****, back in November, my blog does not fit your company's criteria for reviewing your product.

 Let 'em stick that in their pipes and smoke it!

Anyway, Hugs to you all and much love....


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  2. Happy Saturday Sharefest. I'm glad you picked up your award. You deserved it. :)

  3. We, well mostly me, has been thinking about giving up the satellite. Hmmm, I think that I will be thinking about this some more. Please warn my kids!

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