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Road Trip!

Today, we are taking a trip to Asheville, NC, as Ross has an appointment down there. Over 6 hours, round trip! My stomach is already churning at the thought. Mind you, other than Ross' whole deal with getting car sick, I could ride with her for hours and be fine. But I am still stressing.

I was in a horrible accident when Cina was only five years old. A tractor-trailer drove right over the top of our car. My ex-wasn't wearing a safety belt so, as we were crashed and banged around, ping-ponged betwixt the truck and a guardrail, he became a 318 lb. missile and repeatedly smashed into my normal size head with his big ol' pumpkin sized one, banging it into the passenger side window. It took me months to recover. If I ever really did. I still have dreams of the wreck and could lapse into a panic attack without warning, when traveling on the Interstate. So, I am dreading today with a passion.

I'm taking along my camera and some crocheting, maybe a journal, anything to keep my mind off the road. Please send me good vibes!



  1. I am sending positive vibes your way and a great big (((((HUG)))))!!

    Hang in there...you can do this!!!

  2. Dawna, I know the feeling - we were in an accident - drunk driver hit us - I still see that car coming out of the parking lot like a rocket. What you need to do is get some Rescue Remedy - it is holistic and will take the edge off of long trips - take it the night before and morning of - tasteless - just drink with water. It really helps!

  3. Thank y'all so much! HUGS! It went pretty well, with only a few panicky episodes.

    Nancy, I Googled the Rescue Remedy and found a place that sales it. We have to make a trip back for her surgery on the 22nd. Hopefully, I can get hold of some before then. If it helps, it will be such a blessing.

    Sorry to hear about your wreck. It definitely takes a mental toll on a person.


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