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You Just Can't Fool Some Kids...

Ross is just a little smarty pants, bless her heart. She is so much of a smarty pants that, even when she isn't trying to, she may come off that way. I know she gets it from me. Of course, I don't get to have a cute name for it, as I get called a smart ass.

Yesterday was a very stressful day. Tallen was being extremely difficult about doing his schoolwork and wanted to goof off. It didn't help that I had on my mind, the latest stunt from my village idiot SIL, who has now began harassing me online, pretending to be my brother. I knew it was her immediately, as my brother can spell and she cannot. Anyway, you can imagine how I felt when, on top of everything else, I walked into the living room and discovered that Ross had dumped out both of her toy boxes and strewn their contents all about. So, like any frazzled mother might do, I thought I would use the age old threat of throwing away her toys.

"Oh Lord, Ross! Why did you do this?"
She shrugged and looked as puzzled as I did.
"Well, you had better start picking them up and putting them away, or I will make them disappear."
Her face lit up.
"OK! Make them disappear!"
She was almost dancing with anticipation.
She held up her little hands and did that cute shrug of her's. "If you could make them disappear, I won't have to worry about picking them up."
Obviously, she did not grasp that the threat implied that they wouldn't reappear later. LOL

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  1. I can't stand homework time! I swear...it's like we are the ones back in school with the amount of homework they bring home with them.

    What was your SIL getting from pretending to be your brother?!?!

    Your newest follower from SITS:)


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