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A Bridge Too Far...

Some people just have no idea when to quit. My SIL is a perfect example. After making a complete fool of herself, the other night, she proceeded down a path of telling the biggest pack of lies, in the entire history of her lying a** self...

First, she made several posts on her FB, telling a story of how her neighbor and my husband, just decided to come pick on her that night, that she asked them politely to leave and the cussed her. LMAO But, on the bright side, she did accidentally admit in her posts that she had shot at them and also that her son had actually been the one down there on a 4-wheeler. I quickly printed copies of all this bologna. Anyway, NOBODY believed her, because it was just so stupid. I'm pretty sure that my brother didn't even believe her, as he went right back out of town for work.

Next, the idiot apparently tried to go nosing around my FB page and realized that she couldn't see anything, as she wasn't my friend. She started posting all this crazy stuff about how I had "blocked" her, because I couldn't bear to read the truth etc... I nearly peed my pants laughing, because I have NEVER been her friend on FB, or in real life for that matter. I only had my brother as a friend on FB, but had to block him, after she used his account to send me a cussing message. Then I just pretended that they don't exist.

Well, the guy that was with Hubs that night, went and had warrants filed on her. Almost immediately, she took down all the bull from her FB page and started post stuff about God and church.

At the first of the week, Rich called and asked if I knew what was going on at SIL's house, the night before. He said there was an ambulance there, that night. I eventually found out, through my mother. The story is that she stepped out on her back porch that night and somebody crept up behind her and started choking her with a cord from a fan. Then they dragged her into the yard and left her. Her son found her around 10:00 P.M., laying beside the house and called 911. Even said that 911 operator hung up and called back 30 minutes later.ROFL Anyway she went to the hospital and had a tiny scratch on her neck and maybe a small bruise on her arm.

The story just makes no sense at all. Where were the police? In a community that is so small, wouldn't some crazy crap like that make the papers? We all feel pretty sure that she made it up herself and did whatever to herself. We just can't figure whether she did it so my brother would come back and get her, taking her out of town with him. Or was she trying to make out like the neighbor done it? Anyway, it makes not one lick of sense. Even her own family, who post on FB, asking for prayers etc..., for the littlest thing, didn't even mention it. Now, we are all wondering if she didn't somehow stage this event, as well. I'm thinking she must have Munchhausen, without a proxy. It's getting really deep. I think I might invest in some hip waders.



  1. You got one crazy SIL that's for sure! I don't talk to my SIL.

  2. Yep, she's mad as a hatter! LOL I don't speak to mine either, if at all possible.

  3. Wow. Stopping by from SITS and such a dramatic post. LOL What a nutcase it sounds like. Maybe some mental issues? Good luck with her and all that entails!

  4. Wow that is a huge mess! I think you are doing the right thing and just staying away from her.
    Take care!

  5. Word through the grapevine is that they are moving. I hope so. I do feel really sad for their new neighbors though.


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