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Am I Twelve Again?

I had to laugh at myself. Ever have a slumber party,when you were a kid, and made wild plans to stay up all night, watching movies and telling secrets? Then you woke up early in the morning, bummed because everyone actually dozed off well before midnight, and slept like babies? That's what I feel like right now...

Hubs went out of town. Meaning it would just be me and the kids last night. I planned to make a dinner that we like and Hubs doesn't. Watch whatever I wanted on the TV and spend as much time on the computer as I could stand, without someone reading over my shoulder, asking if I have an email from my boyfriend. Woohoo! (So shoot me. I have to take joy in the little things.)

As it turned out, I started yesterday with only two hours of sleep. I spent my morning getting Hubs packed and out the door. He hit the road around noon. Not even an hour later, Tallen developed a migraine :( and the next few hours were spent trying to comfort him and cleaning up puke. Bless his heart, even if I surround the area where he sits with multiple waste baskets, he will always manage to throw up in the the spaces left between them. Thankfully, he felt better by around 4 PM.

When Selly came home, just before 5:00, I asked her to please help the little ones with some Origami for an hour, so I could take a fast nap on the sofa. As it turned out, nobody woke me till 8:30. Renni had came over and made dinner, Ross was already in bed, and Tallen was nodding off. The new plan was to eat Sloppy Joes and watch something great on NetFlix. Sadly, I could barely hold my eyes open and passed out on the sofa again.

My eyes flew open at 2:15. The house was dark. Renni was gone and everyone was asleep. I had totally slept through my first night of freedom. :( Oh well. There's always tonight.


  1. Ah well, unconsciousness is it's own kind of freedom too, isn't it?

  2. Seems the best laid plans always get tweaked when you have children.
    -Caren with a "C"

  3. We moms make great plans! And then sometimes life happens! Hope you have your fun time tonight! Now that we have our own business, my guy doesn't travel anymore - and I kind of miss those fun nights with just me and the kids! However, with teens, it is always better to have the big guy home!

    One of my sons has migraines. I just heard that caffeine helps reduce migraines - and, frustratingly, he caffeine tears up his stomach! Sigh!

    Best of luck tonight!

  4. Visiting from SITS, glad you had a good night of sleep anyway.


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