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The Change ~ Day Four

Yesterday went well. I started out the day with a juice made mostly of fruit. I learned that, while this tastes great, it did not seem to pack the boost that my usual green juice does. Plus, I almost felt nauseous after drinking it. I went back to green juice for the rest of the day.

  One undeniable difference that I have noticed, is the fact that I am not hobbling to the medicine cabinet for pain meds, within seconds of opening my eyes each morning. I am still taking my prescribed medication, it's just not something I require, before I can do or think about anything else. I actually have to remind myself to take it. Whereas, before, I was often counting the hours before my next dose. My body told me when it was time, as my pain levels were through the roof, by the time the first dose wore off. I am praying this means that I can slowly reduce the amount I take and eventually be off of them altogether.

  I still get slapped with a craving when I smell yummy food. But it crossed my mind yesterday that I haven't felt my stomach growl even once. I am guessing this means that I am not truly hungry and the fast passing cravings are the same ones that would have had me impulse eating before.

 I am up to five pounds of missing weight. Lets hope it doesn't sneak up and grab me from behind. : P I know this is just water weight, as I have not been working out or doing any sort of extra activities. I am holding off on that till week two.



  1. That is so amazing that you have less pain, that's great! And really interesting you don't have hunger pains! Are you going to get any protein during this?

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